Fahamu Pecou

Fahamu Pecou raises questions about the images and representations that inform contemporary readings and performances of Black male masculinity. By engaging with various stereotypes and misconceptions about Black men, both those imposed and those assumed, Pecou attempts a critical intervention concerning the visible and invisible threads that make up our collective understandings of Black identity. 


Incorporating various expressions of "Blackness," including the visual iconography of Yoruba (Ifa) spirituality, the somatic attitude of hip-hop bravado, and the philosophy of the négritude movement, Pecou works to re-member the fractured Black body. In mining the Black experience both historically and contemporaneously, Pecou dynamically engages this theme with work that though rooted in the Black experience, provides meaningful engagement across all walks of life. 


Pecou's works take the form of paintings, videos, original music and performance-based projects with each medium allowing him to articulate various nuances around the theme.