Navy Pier | Festival Hall | 600 E Grand Ave. | Chicago IL, 13 - 16 April 2023 
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This spring Pontone Gallery exhibits at the prestigious Expo Chicago art fair. The gallery showcases a selection of its international artists, who range across the fields of painting, lightbox and sculpture. Common to all is a deep immersion in and mastery of their chosen practice. These artists are concerned with making pieces that seduce and intrigue the eye. They deploy a profound and mature understanding of process to fully express their ideas.
Matteo Massagrande is a critically acclaimed Italian painter. He creates images of atmospheric architectural vistas and emotionally significant landscapes.
Malcolm Liepke, an American artist, is a painter of a particular world, a 'demi-monde', inhabited by mostly young and attractive subjects, who project an air of self-absorption and watchfulness. 
Korean sculptor, Hwang Seontae, makes lightboxes. Constructed from etched glass and concealed LED lighting, these are meticulously crafted images of still contemplation.
Englishman Chris Rivers makes powerfully gestural oil paintings in a contemporary, Romantic idiom.
Angela Glajcar is a sculptor who primarily works with paper and glass fiber, using light and space to bring form to her structures.


South Korean artist Jae Yong Kim makes whimsical sculptures made of clay shaped like doughnuts in many different sizes. Each doughnut the artist creates is hand-thrown, hand-painted and glazed, with no two pieces alike. 

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