Emma Stone-Johnson

Born in 1982, fifth generation Brightonian Emma Stone-Johnson works in oil, acrylic and ink on canvas to investigate abstraction with a liquid palette of diffuse and tonal colour. Her vibrant and direct approach belies a determined search to articulate layered memories, both traumatic and life affirming. Her gestural invention is, for her, a liberating catharsis and for us an exuberant and speculative leap.


Stone-Johnson graduated in 2004 from Chelsea College of Art with a BA in Textile Design (First). Moving back to her first love of painting, she is now half way through a MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. Stone-Johnson's paintings are held in private collections throughout the UK as well as Europe and the US.


'Paintings are vessels for the artists’ inner worlds, the canvas a flickering light display,' states Stone-Johnson. 'Painting is a living breathing thing, it makes me feel connected to something greater. Creating transcends the banal and the boredom. A ritual, a dance. I’m not interested in painting anything too representational; because when form is missing all that is left is the sensation of presence and the colour and texture of memory.'