Italian artist Fabio Bianco paints glamorised, rich and enigmatic baroque interiors through a lens of saturated colour, dizzying depth and wild fantasy.


Exploring a culture of relentless decadence within the environs of theatres and salons, these antique worlds are fractured with warped lights from chandeliers, compounding a frivolity, celebration and freedom of the imagination.

Bianco’s use of explosive colour, often dramatically contrasting and expressive, constructs a language of chaos and excess. These environments do not draw the eye to any single point of focus, but instead call for a comprehensive exploration of the scene in its entirety, evoking an innate desire to understand the cause of the tumult. Through a haze of colour and light, forms are distorted, lines are blurred, and our ability to identify what is familiar is challenged. In these worlds, we are intoxicated, struggling to perceive our surroundings through the smeared lens of our own hedonism.

In a world both blessed and fettered with contradictions, and one in which everything has been done, Bianco reinterprets historical elements of painting and orients viewers squarely in the liminal tension between excess and luxury. It is there that we find joy without restraint and are simultaneously reminded of the potency of indulgence.